Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation

The inpatient Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation benefits are administered by Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield for inpatient rehabilitation. If you utilize a participating facility for these services it will be covered in full. If you utilize a non-participating facility for services you will be responsible for any deductible and co-insurance and you can be balance billed for charges in excess of the negotiated rate paid by Empire.

If you wish to utilize this benefit, you must call Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield at 1-800-553-9603 prior to being admitted to a rehabilitation facility. If you do not call this number before entering a facility, you may not be eligible to receive this benefit.

Find a Network Provider

To find a network provider in your area, visit Empire’s website at

For more information on how your substance abuse and rehabilitation benefits work and what the Empire BlueCross BlueShield Plan covers, please contact the Fund Office.

Membership Assistance Program (MAP)

The Membership Assistance Program (MAP) is comprised of Union members who provide support and intervention in regards to Substance Abuse and Alcohol Abuse. This support group meets at 4:00 pm at 331 West 44th  (Training Fund entrance) every second Wednesday of the month. If you would like further assistance about this Program please call 212-331-1848.

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